Day 2: Joint Meeting (#3)

Day 2: Joint Dutch German vascular biology 22.11.2018 (#3 of #4)

Key-note 5: Sponsored by the DGK
15:00-15:30: Stefanie Dimmeler (Goethe Uni, Frankfurt)
Non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular development and regeneration
Chairs: Judith Sluimer (Maastricht) & Ralf Brandes (Frankfurt)

15:30-16:00: Coffee break

= start of the Aletta Jacobs memorial symposium =======================

Symposium 6: At the heart of the matter – Aletta Jacobs memorial
Sponsored by the DGK & Aletta Jacobs memorial committee
Chairs: Kristina Lorenz (Dortmund) & Nadia Mercader Huber (Bern)

16:00-16:20: Eva van Rooij (Hubrecht, Utrecht)
Systems biology approaches to decipher adverse cardiac remodeling

16:20-16:40: Rabea Hinkel (UMG & DPZ, Göttingen)
Diabetes and vascular adaptation in the ischemic heart

16:40-17:00: Friederike Cuello (UKE, Hamburg)
Regulation of protein kinase signaling the cardiovascular system

17:00-17:20: Christine Mummery (LUMC, Leiden)
iPS technology to study cardiomyocyte-vascular interactions

The Aletta Jacobs memorial – young investigator award session

17:20-17:30: Introduction of Aletta Jacobs awardees

17:30-17:40: Miesje van der Stoel (Amsterdam) (selected talk)
The Rho regulator DLC-1 controls endothelial dynamics by modulating contractile forces

17:40-17:50: Mara Goetz (Hamburg) (selected talk)
Nitroxyl mediates vasodilation by inducing an activating intradisulfide bond in the high affinity cGMP-binding site of PKGIa

17:50-18:00: Maria Aburto (Frankfurt) (selected talk)
Endothelial Dab1 signaling orchestrates Neuro-Glia-vessel communication in the CNS

Key-note 6
18:00-18:30: Anne Eichmann (Yale, New Haven)
Angiogenesis in Health and Disease
Chairs: Liz Jones (Leuven) & Laura Zelarayán (Göttingen)

= end of the Aletta Jacobs memorial symposium =======================