Day 3: Joint Meeting (#1)

Day 3: Joint Dutch German vascular biology 23.11.2018 (#1)

08:30-09:00: Welcome with Coffee and Tee

Key-note 7:
09.00-09.30: Christian Weber (LMU. Munich)
Targeting inflammation in atherosclerosis
Chair: Mat Daemen (UvA, Amsterdam)

Symposium 7: Atherosclerosis, initiation, progression and treatment
Chair: Mat Daemen (UvA, Amsterdam)

09:30-09:50: Eric Biessen (CARIM, Maastricht)
Macrophage complexity in human atherosclerosis

09:50-10:10: Oliver Söhnlein (LMU, Munich)
Neutrophil – platelet interplay in atherosclerosis

10:10-10:20: C. Bruikman (UMC&LMUC, Amsterdam&Leiden)
Identification and Function of Netrin-1 Mutation in Premature Atherosclerosis

10:20-10:30: Jenny BG de Bruijn (CARIM, Maastricht)
Partial inhibition of the key glycolytic enzyme PFKFB3 in myeloid cells impacts whole body immune cell and liver metabolism, but not atherogenesis

Key-note 8
10:30-11:00: Ziad Mallat (PARCC & Cambridge)
Unraveling immune complexity in atherosclerosis
Chair: Oliver Söhnlein (Munich)

11:00-11:30: Coffee and Tea break

Key-note 9
11:30-12:00: Dietmar Vestweber (MPI, Münster)
Mechanisms regulating leukocyte diapedesis and endothelial junctions
Chairs: Stephan Huveneers (Amsterdam) & Jaap van Buul (Amsterdam)